Thursday, June 28, 2012

Disle's Saga

Warning: The video you are about to see contains graphic images of a good friend dying a slow and painful death.

Since 2003 Disle has been a faithful friend. I've worked her too hard, asked her to do things I should not have done, run her out of oil and antifreeze, limped her back home after all the belts had broken, filled her with lumber, mud, manure, saw dust to the point her bottom was dragging, abused her, treated her ill - and yet she has always stood beside me, waiting for the next job.

Recently Patt and I went back to the farm to drive Disle back so I could start treating her right. I had her front suspension rebuilt, did some work on the engine, stopped a few oil leaks, new tires and brakes. Got her parking brake working, cleaned her up, lubed the window cranks, fixed her cigarette lighter, recarpeted her. I replaced her bulbs, taillights, restored the hood release so she wouldn't be embarrassed every time I need to open her hood. I had to pull a piece of baling wire that was hanging out of the front grill to pop the latch. I installed a new black tool box in the bed to keep all the fluids, tools, and spare parts I had collected to keep her running. I repaired the speedometer cable, replaced the PCV valve, air filters, and secondary intake air cleaner, repaired the windshield wiper bearings that had long since given out.

I had one more thing to do though. She had an oil leak around the oil drain pan. I dropped her off at a local garage to have the pan and gasket replaced while Patt and I were on vacation. It took two weeks and I started getting nervous. Well last night they called and said Disle was ready to go. I couldn't wait to get there to pick her up. About half way through the 2 mile trip back home, Disle almost caught fire. Oil is every where. I limped her back to the garage.

I think what happened was, the mechanic cleaned the oil pickup filter when he had the drain pan off. The subsequent increase in oil pressure Disle experienced put too much pressure on all those gaskets and parts she has, that are designed to keep oil in the engine.

Please pray for Disle. I am not ready to say good bye...

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