Sunday, June 24, 2012

Up In the Air

Due to an unfortunate series of events beyond our control we are thinking about selling Shamrock and Thistle Farm.

Still nothing firm yet but we are weighing options - including buying land in Kentucky. Just went out to look at a property - 10 acres, double wide home. 5 acres cleared pasture (supposedly) 5 acres wooded (supposedly) 41 minutes from my place of employment (supposedly), great views (supposedly), creek running through the property (supposedly).

The 41 minute trip seemed like it took 2 hours. Winding roads, some only one vehicle wide, replete with what we call "pukey-hills", no way out if it snows, out in the middle of nowhere (supposedly).

When we got there, finally, we saw a little strip of bush-hogged grass along the one lane road (gravel driveway), the double wide, no trees anywhere around the house, but woods behind it steeply descending into a ravine. We did not get out to look, but something tells me the creek that is supposed to be on the property is at the bottom of the ravine. Land unusable for what we would want it for.

It has occurred to me that the greatest skill a realtor can possess is that of photography. A picture at just the right angle, with the right description (regardless of its veracity) is plenty to get someone to drive out to take a look, but not quite enough to avoid disappointment.

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