Sunday, December 15, 2013

Things I Think I've Learned This Week

The words one says - mean something.
The things one does - really affects real people.
I am not defined by my answers to Facebook quizzes.
You can not know me by what I like or dislike.
"We will never have goats again! Even if they are free!" does not mean what I think it means.
One can wear out his welcome.
Running out into the world shouting "This is me take it or leave it" is noble but rarely effective.
"Be all things to all men" has a great deal of Biblical Wisdom about it.
The things I could do, what I could be but for the lack of a single-minded purpose.
To speak well and to comprehend is accomplished, simply, by swallowing one's pride and surrounding himself with people who speak well and think well. Even if those people are in a book, on TV, or on a DVD.
From behind a desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.
There is nobility, courage, and heroism in the world that is not measured by how much one owns, how much one owes, or how much one is liked.
There are few quiet places in the world - but seek them out, spend some time within them - one will be better able to help someone else after the rest.
Pride sucks.
Negativity is so...negative.
Grabbing hold of and keeping one's IS-ness is harder than it sounds.