Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back after a much too long delay

Starting up the blog again. But this time with a slightly different point of view. After almost a year to the day from our last post, I have much to catch you up on. I've written a book, still unpublished, and given our recent past - living in a line, living within one's means, being a renewable source of energy to our planet and our fellow humans, giving back more than we take, and denying the corporate culture of stuff - a book about, of all things, how to be a good employee. Go figure. Our decision to re-enter the rat race thrust us into a darkness that American culture has all too successfully disguised as "capitalism", "free-market", "just business". I had forgotten how hard it is to be ethical, honest, and humble in the corporate world. Ethics, honesty, and humility come built in when one relies on the earth and God for one's survival. Unethical, dishonest, and arrogant behavior leads to certain destruction when one is confined to a local economy. There is no where to hide, unlike in a global economy where bosses and customers are worlds apart, when face to face encounters are replaced by emailed spreadsheets, conference calls, and daily exchanges of checks and invoices. My next post will be a "catch you up" to get you to where we are now and explain, in a little detail, the purpose of the book, how it came about, and why I am posting it, free, on our blog. I, somehow, have to get back to trying to make the world a better place...

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