Monday, July 9, 2012

Disle Lives!

Disle came home Friday, running better than ever. I think she had been starved for air and oil for the last decade. Many things have improved. Her breathing is better. Her circulation is robust. She starts and warms up quickly in the morning and the ear shattering "clatter" she always had upon accelerating is gone. Where once she was a little sluggish taking off she now puts me back in my seat - she's smooth and quiet, well except for the rumbling growl of her big 5.9 L V8.

She's still got some issues. With her new found power she idles a little rough but, hey, can't complain. No oil leaks. Gonna try to give her a little spruce-up if the weather ever gives us a break. Researching trim availability and price and will be installing the RAM badges on both front fenders. Patt is going to help me reupholster the seat, and I need to figure out how to recondition her brushed aluminum wheels.

And all is right in the world...

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