Monday, July 16, 2012

Disle Make Over

Disle is getting a makeover. Using the bonus dollars I "earned" by spending so much time and money at the local garage getting oil leaks fixed, I purchased some nicey-nice things for Disle.

I found a wheel refurbishing kit - $20.00 - which cleaned the rust off and filled the pits in her rims. You can see the difference half way through one wheel. Included in the kit was universal rim spray paint that just happened to perfectly matched the original color. After I get the wheels all clean and smooth, I'll mask the tires and give the rims a good spray down and wax to protect them from getting into this condition again. Serendipitously, the color of the rims is exactly the same as her front grill, so I was able to restore that as well...

These are before and after pictures, or if you are reading from top to bottom like most of us - after and before - pictures of Disle's bumper. I sanded it, cleaned it, and let it dry. Using a combination black gloss primer and paint all-in-one I painted the bumper, using a paper grocery sack to protect the Ivory Cream of the tail gate. Serendipitously, the bumper now exactly matches the tool box I recently installed.

She also got new windshield wipers, which, I realized we needed when Patt and I went to the grocers in the middle of a much needed thunder storm.

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