Thursday, September 23, 2010

So this is it?

I am convinced. Nothing will change my mind. After long thought, weighing the evidence, listening to the news and weather reports. Seeing and feeling the drudgery day after day, time after time, minute by minute, second by long, absurdly drawn out second I am now a true believer. The equinox passed last night, the first full moon on an equinox in twenty years. I marked this day on our calendar, it has been entered into my farm journal. This day should be the harbinger of cool, leaf-changing weather. I have seen a drift in the timing of the autumn change. Nine years ago - only nine - the first blast of cool weather came into central arkansas on September 14. Each year it seems, the summer lasts longer and longer. Now I look at the clock and see the second hand slowly, tick...wait a few minutes...tick. Time has slowed, energy is draining away, the universe is winding down. Yes. It's just going to be hot forever. Have a nice day!

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  1. I was wrong. The cool weather is finally here!