Thursday, September 16, 2010

And the Winner Is...

I had many very good suggestions for a name for my truck. Some, not so good. But anyway I've decided on a winner. Below are most of the entries and the included reasons for the entries... and then the winner. So in reverse order here are the top 10 names for Boyd's old Dodge pickup.

Number 10 - The Yellow Submarine

Number 9 - Clyde (after a ram we had on our farm as kids-this ram was famous for butting Mom into the chicken coop and not letting her out all day.)

Number 8 - The D150. If you say you drive a D150 and the people you are talking to know its a Dodge then you know they are friends.

Number 7 - Old Faithful

Number 5 - Brownie after my Dad's old farm truck

Number 5 - Trevor :Trevor is a nice name...

Number 4 - Satan (Ronny has to drive it to college 2 times a week)

Number 3 - Trusty and if it gets much older you can drop the 'T' and call it Rusty

Number 2 - BP (for Boyd and Patt or BP because of the large amount of oil it leaks)

Number 1 - Disle (pronounced Jeel-sheh) This gaelic word means faithful.

It really was a close contest but the Tidwells in Fort Mill South Carolina played the Scots-Irish-Gaelic card and edged out the pack...bread should be on the way soon!

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