Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good Day Today

Cool weather, in its mysterious way, brought us the energy and the will to get some stuff done today! Here's what we accomplished:

1) Cleaned the house.

2) finished demolishing the old chicken coop that sat between the cottage and the cabin. You may be able to see the remainder of the rock foundation in the picture above. Eventually there will be a gravel walk way from the cottage to the cabin, a fire pit to have cookouts, a lawn for croquet, and perhaps a marble court for future grandkids if ever we live that long.

3) Sanded and repainted Aaron's big desk that we were able to salvage from the fire. (It has been sitting outside since February.)

4) Finished putting up most of the interior walls in the guest cabin and moved the desk in there to give Ronny a place to keep his books and study.

5) Cured a bloating goat with baking soda disolved in water using a 60cc syringe and one drop of Prednizone in its left eye. (really)

6) Read three chapters from Les Miserable

7) Patt made a peach pie!

8) Patt made Chicken Parmesan for dinner ( with tomatoes canned by our friends Chuck and Lucretia.)

9) We ate a big breakfast of bacon, toast from Patt's bread, fried eggs from happy chickens, hashbrowns from potatoes we grew this Spring, and a strong cup of Starbuck's coffee.

10) Posted on our blog!

Whew! I am tired. But it is a good kind of tired.

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