Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Barn Finished!

The barn is nearly finished, save for a few small pieces of metal, and we started moving in today. Well we aren't moving in but we are moving alot of stuff that has been stored in the cottage and tools and things that have been sitting outside around the farm. As you can see from the photo we should have plenty of room for everything plus the animals we plan to house in it starting this spring plus room enough to pull our trucks inside to do some work like today. It was raining - Thanks Be To God - most of the day but I was still able to tighten the belts on our old Dodge. I really must come up with a name for her. Old Dodge isn't very flattering. So for those of you that read this blog. (Right now it's just me) I will give a free loaf of Patt's bread to whomever comes up with the best name!


  1. I think you should name it Clyde. Since it is a Dodge Ram and the ram we had as kids was named Clyde. I think that fits perfectly. Good stories to remember about old Clyde. Hit him in the head with a claw head hammer and he just runs at you again, or Mom being stuck in the feed trough all day becuase Clyde wouldn't let het out....Later, Roland

  2. Abby's vote is Trevor
    Molly's vote is Brownie after our truck in Ohio.
    Jenn's vote is Trusty and if it can't live up to its name you can drop the "T" and make it Rusty.
    Sunny's vote is "BP". The "B" is for Boyd, the "P" is for Patt, and the alternate meaning is for the amount of oil it leaks. :)