Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shamrock and Thistle Update

 Earlier today I measured our snowfall from last night. We topped out at 6 inches and as of this posting the snow is still falling lightly.
 So...I added a third wall to the pig shelter. Can't quite make them out in this picture but they have buried themselves under a bale of hay under the shelter.
 Another "found wood" project - the completion of my new workbench in the barn. This stall does not have an exterior wall yet so the snow blew in a covered it with a light dusting.

Wood gathered during one of the warmer days this week after the snow melted off. It has been drying in the barn and is now collected in one of the most used tools on the farm. It is now ready to push up the hill when the supply of firewood in the house is used up.

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