Sunday, February 6, 2011

Faith in Our Political System

Eleven years ago I kind of had a rebirth of my faith in our American system of Government. Coming out of the debacle that was the Clinton Administration, the American people were faced with a less than desireable choice for President. Al Gore vs. George W. Bush. Blech! During one debate between the two candidates W said something that I, perhaps naively, latched on to and for the first time in my adult life I was sure who I needed to vote for.
The inserted video is W talking about the danger of nation building. It is well worth the listening.

I voted for Bush solely based on the earnestness of these statements. Fast Forward a few months to Sept 11, 2001. The twin towers fall. The country is in shock. We attack in retaliation. Patriotism flowed. Now almost 10 years later many in America have forgotten. And now I have 3 sons in the Army. One has just returned from Afghanistan, one is preparing to go, and one is heading off for training in Explosives Ordinance Disposal in April. 10 years later! Guess what Mr. Bush? We are NATION BUILDING. Our bridges are collapsing, I've replaced 4 wheel bearings in my truck in the last year, most likely due to the enormous pot holes in roads and highways all over the south east, companies are crashing, inflation is through the roof (you can't listen to the inflation numbers because they do not account for product shrinkage in the pricing - that's another post for another time). We are nation building in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other countries all over the world, and our own country is falling apart. Contrary to the statements in the video, America has indeed, entered into countries and said, "We're Americans! This is the way we do things! You need to do them too!"

According to Why

Only 40% of registered voters turned out for midterm elections. Part of this low number is probably because it was not a presidential election year but even so. Less than half of the voters that are registered to vote actually cast a ballot. Efforts to educate these deadbeats, inspire them, coerce them, make it easier for them to vote have failed and continue to fail. Why?

Well, I am one of those deadbeats who believes in the wisdom of a bumper sticker I once saw on the truck of a man who sold us a pig from his farm fenced in old fridges. "Save America - Vote for No One." it said.

It is time our officials start to understand that they are losing the 40 and under crowd of voters. We are disparaged, seen as deadbeats, lackadaisical, apathetic, and un-American. Tell some one that you recently cheated on your tax forms and they will call you a great American! But tell them you do not vote and their latent McCarthyism oozes from their pores. Wake up America! My non-vote comprises 60% of the registered voters. We are the majority! You that keep your faith in this system that does not work for us but for those that know how to work the system - you are the minority! And you think your voice matters?

Thank God that the system works so slowly that drastic, catastrophic change can not happen. I am represented by no one. One Arkansas state legislator hopeful raised a bill in the house to allow the private sales of raw milk in Arkansas. Before the bill even made it to the legislature for a vote (a vote of our representatives!) the state health department blocked its being presented. Who is being represented here?

I could list many other examples of how I am being taxed without true representation. But I am sure you can find your own as well.

I have lost my faith in the system and somewhat sadly I am simply waiting for its decay. Guns won't save us, the dollar won't save us, canned goods and bottled water in a bunker won't save us. What will? Americans standing together and working together in spite of our goverments interference. A neighbor who won't sue if he trips over a garden hose in my back yard. Americans living within their means, learning to do without (self-inflicted controlled suffering - another topic for another day), Americans, determined to live free and do what's right. Peace, confidence, strength, justice, mercy, and truth will keep our country strong. Regardless of what it is called - America, China West, or The New Palestine.

As for me, I am trying to build my nation right here in Perry County Arkansas. I am calling our little 3.5 acres Hutchins-stan and as its King, I promise to build this new nation one square inch at a time into a fertile, peaceful land ruled with mercy and justice. And I am now officially announcing the cessation of this land from what was once known as the United States of America. Mostly because we are no longer united and we no longer have states. We have one state divided into 50 official counties and hundreds of other principalities around the world.

Here in Hutchins-stan, the residents are united, though we have our differences, those differences are worked through in a true representative form of government everyone (almost everyone) shares in the work and contributes to the state coffers. Now I must leave you. I am late for a cabinet meeting where we will be discussing the problem of our paying tribute to the tyrannical, non-representative government and how to cease payments immediately.

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