Monday, February 28, 2011

Don't Start the Revolution Without Me (part1)

I get a mental picture of would be revolutionaries on the web, in the papers, and on talk radio of some 40+ something male, wearing a wife beater, sitting at his PC, safely in his home, collecting his pension or some other socialized welfare, and posting on chat pages and forums about how he can't take it anymore and the New American Revolution needs to start soon. He stops clicking his mouse, takes a slug of his coffee, sits back in his chair and thinks to himself... "there now, I've done my part". Well short of asking this man to go ahead and fire the first shot (few revolutions have occurred in the history of the world without a charismatic martyr to lead the way - Mr. McVeigh thought he was that guy), I will ask him to shut up and listen for a few minutes as I describe the coming New American Revolution and the shape it will take.

So, if you are holed-up in a bunker with your 3500 cans of collard greens and peas, bottled water, and MREs from the army surplus store, calling for a revolution - SHUT UP! just for a minute please.

If you are tired of the legislative dictatorship we've experienced over the last 20 years and you hope, from your armchair to incite the next American Revolution, SHUT UP! just for a minute please

If this revolution you say you want involves Tea Parties, canned goods, guns, a local militia, and riots, I've got new for you...

There is a new American Revolution imminent, but it will not be brought to bear by armed insurrection, martial law, or secession of the states. Here's why:

1. We can not count on our military to swap allegiances, even from our good-ole-boys from the south. One popular argument for "our" perceived ability to stand up to the American Military if, indeed, El Presidente (whomever that may be) calls the troops home to qwell armed resurrections led by an irate American public, is that most of the military is made up of enlisted men from the south. We middle aged romanticists would like to believe that our sons' loyalties to their home state will be such that they will defect from the military to serve their local community (a la Robert E. Lee). I think, though, that this kind of loyalty no longer exists. Our society has been so oriented that loyalty, anymore, is to one's self.

 2. The strength of the military-industrial complex is such that any armed resistance on the part of the revolutionaries would be instantly qwelled. Give me a hundred, or a thousand, or five-thousand men to lead and we would not be able to stand up against the jets, tanks, and weaponry our defecting sons would have to leave behind them. My .22 rifle, Daisy BB gun, and Enfield Rifle will only allow me to die for what I believe in - in much the same way Butch and Sundance did in Bolivia. Yes, I am one of those that believe they died at the end of the movie.

3. We would no longer be fighting only the military of our government but also the government owned (yes owned) or controlled food, fuel, and currency systems. It seems obvious to me that the best way for our government to control us in the event things get really bad, is to control our access to food. Monsanto owns the seeds, the pesticides, the herbicides, and the fertilizer. They also operate a revolving door in the offices of the Food and Drug Administration. This is very well documented just by following the mobility of high ranking officials between the two organizations. We are not in control of our economy. Our blood, sweat, and tears, go towards the production of goods and services that are paid for by people or corporations outside of our sphere of influence. We, therefore, get to sell our labor and goods LOW while the corporations, far distant from us, in the next big city over or the next country get to sell HIGH. We are not self sufficient to the point that we can survive the shut down of the food, fuel, and entertainment pipelines into our little local communities. If you've but those survivalist seed packets in the hermetically sealed ammo-box-looking cannisters, take a good look at how many turnips you will eat the first year!

4. Our dumbed-down, fully dependent society, which has become the majority of the American Population, are too apathetic or ignorant, or so dependent on global groceries, fuel, and entertainment, that the last thing they will want to do is dirupt their supply chain of food, gas, and American Idol.

Now to describe the kind of revolution that we need (sorry to disappoint you there in the bunker yelling for someone to fire the first shot) I will need to direct you to Don't Start the Revolution Without Me part 2. 

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