Thursday, November 19, 2015


If you know me; like if you really know me; there is no way you believe that this list will be short.
pet peeve
plural noun: pet peeves 
                                      something that a particular person finds especially annoying.
  1. Using the word "like", like every other word, like using "like", adds emphasis to, like, something you really like, like the word "like" really means like.
    2. Peeple who have a peace of paper the prooves someone taught them something assuming because I dont have a peace of paper that prrovves some one taught me somthieng makes them some how supeerior.
    3. Bad grammar and spelling. Poor grammar you idiot! I am always doing that. Getting better, because now I cringe as this is coming off my tongue, instead of not realizing it has done so.
    4. Run on sentences that do not use the awesome semi-colon; the colon is seldom used as well: not like the overused comma.
    5. Floating obliviates- you know what and who you are. Maybe you don't?
    6. The guy, you know who he is, who is always talking about work-life balance and how he keeps it all together. Because, chances are good, he is the reason your work and life is now out of balance.

     8. Words that have consecutive "u"s in their spelling: continuum, for example. I mistruust them. And do youu have any idea how many there are in the English Languuage? And do youu know how hard it is to write words like this in cuursive!?! I always seem to end uup with 3 or 4 "u"s, like, youu know, continuuuuum.

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