Monday, April 8, 2013

Appropriate Self Righteous Responses #2

Perry County Farmer's Market on any given Saturday.

Old woman approaches the table, looks over the ornately displayed fare.

"How much for the turnip greens?" she asks, "I can't eat lettuce because of my gall bladder."

Not knowing exactly what she means by this and not a little turned off by the discussion of her endocrine system, I keep silent.

"So I have to eat turnip or mustard greens. There turnips at the ends of those greens?" she continues

"No ma'am" I say. "The turnips feed our pigs, we just sell the greens".

"Well how much for a bunch?" as she picks up one from the container. "Why there ain't enough here to make a mess -a- greens!" she criticizes.

I make an attempt. "Ma'am, there's more greens in that bunch than you'll get at the store. You can always buy more than one bunch. In fact, there's more in this bunch than you'll get from anyone else here."

"Alright. How much?"

"Two dollars."

"Two dollars! Heck! I can grow my own turnips for that!"

Insert Appropriate Self Righteous Response Here.

"Then grow your own damn turnips!"

Another satisfied customer.

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