Thursday, September 20, 2012

Top 10 - Romney vs Obama

I don't normally do this, preferring to sit back quietly whilst our way of life is eroded away like, a mansion on the Santa Monica shoreline. However, I've run out of ideas for Chapter 6 of my badly misspelled novel - Combustion so I am taking a break and thought I would give you this, free of charge, of course.

This is my top 10 list which, for the first time in my life, will divulge who I am voting for in this year's November elections.

                Romney                                                                              Obama

10) Can't stand to hear him speak                                       Can listen to him day long
9) Believes Garden of Eden is in southern MO                          Pretty sure its not
8) Pissed off England - N Korea next?                        Hilary will go down as best Sec of State ever
7) That condescending look                                                       Air of confidence
6) Plays the dozens like Archie Bunker                          Plays the dozens like George Jefferson
5) Singing voice?  No                                                               I'm So In Love With You
4) No Poor People                                                                    Knows Poor People
3) Romney's 14%                                                                          My 33%
2)  J. Jonah Jameson sideburns                                                 No A-holeishness              
1) Questions make him nervous                                              Dude's on Letterman for gosh sakes

I've decided that I am going to vote for whomever is not Romney.

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