Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Surprises!

Harvested our first ever 10 spears of asparagus! Then to make the day even better, we discovered that newly planted 2yr asparagus crowns have sprouted. Now I can start to fill in the trenches as the spears begin to grow. By mid summer we should have 3 rows of 4 ft tall asparagus ferns.

Then, to make for an even gooder day...

Astor, our heretofore, useless nubian goat looks like she might be pregnant after all. We had taken her back to where we bought her to run with the buck for another couple of weeks and then had given up hope. But now Patt is convinced that by mid May we'll have more baby goats!

Then, if it couldn't get any gooder than that...

I was peeling back a thick mat of chickweed that had grown in last years Swiss Chard bed. I had given up on getting any chard out of this bed because I couldn't keep up with the weeds and then a small drought. Much to my surprise I found 5 flourishing chard plants well established. Now I won't have to wait for our seedlings to produce!

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