Sunday, January 23, 2011

In Defense of Sarah Palin

I am treading on thin water here. Please do not tell my wife about this post.
I am married to a super intelligent, beautiful, passionate woman, prone to jealousy, passionate in her beliefs, and  genuinely good and kind person though rarely able to mask her reactions in either her facial expressions, body language, or words. Indeed, when upset, her temper remakes the warp and woof of the universe. A ripple in time is caused; something, one can tell, is just not right.

"Time is out of joint. Oh, cursed spite, that I was born to put it right."

So I take a great risk in writing the next few sentences. You may never hear from me again.

I do not hate Sarah Palin. The opinions or emotions I might have concerning the former governor of Alaska and present fame-hound look and feel more like pity than hatred.

Ms. Palin is not intelligent it seems. She is in no way within 100 miles of the intelligence required to hold public office. I don't think anyone can "refudiate" that. And if someone, like Ms. Palin, excuse her making up of words, one would have to wonder at, and be concerned with, what she may "make up" if something were to go wrong, in say, a war in which she was commander and chief -or what she would make up in order to start a war with our "allies the North Koreans".

But Ms. Palin does have at least one redeeming quality. Keep in mind that I am a little old fashioned, feel that I have been born in the wrong century (or millenium some would say), and that I am a bit of a romantic. That quality? She is a woman who looks like a woman. In fact, if I were to vote for a woman for President (hypothetically speaking here) and had a choice between Sarah Palin and Blanche Lincoln, I would vote for Sarah Palin. This is simply because, in spite of her lack of intelligence, fame-mongering, confustication of the issues, lack of experience, and otherwise, air-headedness, she breaks the mold of the protypical female official. I am tired and distrustful of the bobbed-chicken-backside hair style, man-suit wearing, severe foundation-of-plaster face, frown-wrinkled, hate-filled, venom spewing, crow-footed, un-endowed, I-want-to-be-a-man-in-a-man's-world, goose-stepping, unfeminine, man/woman we've been given in the last couple of decades and the clones that have followed them. For example, in the great state of Arkansas we had until recently (in spite of the benefits of her powerful position on the Agriculture Committee in Washington DC) Blanche Lincoln following closely on the former Arkansan, then New Yorker, and current Secretary of State Hillary Rodham-Clinton who followed in a direct line, the first woman to ever run for Vice-President, Geraldin Ferraro. All three clones of the mannish-mould. I think women sell themselves short when they think the only way they can compete with men is to become like one.
I agree with C.S. Lewis' opinion that it has become a sad state in our society when women refuse to be the wonderful creatures they are and decide to become like men. Again, we men have a big part to play in this state of affairs. Sarah Palin, her great many faults are a disappointment, but she is unapolgetic about her femininity. And if we set all other issues, character, qualifications, intelligence, experience, and talent aside, she would have my vote. For no other reason than, to paraphrase Michelin Flynn in The Quiet Man "When I vote for a woman, I vote for a woman, when I vote for a man, I vote for a man."

Now pray for me as you read this...I may already be dead...

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