Monday, January 10, 2011

Easier Said than Done

I can honestly say that wanting a kilt...and then actually buying one is a lot easier than actually wearing it out in public.

Eventhough I look the part (the picture of Nordic manliness as my oldest son would say) I was not prepared for the giggles. Oddly enough, the giggles came mostly from my own family.
My first venture into public was into Little Rock to watch a movie. No giggles or ridicule then. Though I did notice slyly cast glances from many women and a few men. The next day I wore into the feed store to get our monthly stock of animal feed. The fella that loaded the truck for me asked, "Is that kilt?" " Yes" says I. "Cool" says he, "can I touch it?" "Sure" says I as I modestly lifted the pleated hem. He reached out and rubbed it between his fingers and then proceeded to inform me of his own family's history. The name Burns and his grandfather's research into their family line.
Then I went to Farmington to visist my wonderful brother and sister-in-law and their two daughters - my always loving and polite nieces.
"Why you wearin' a dress?" "You got underwear on under that thing?" " You should've known that you couldn't wear a dress up here without me saying something?"
"I know, I know. So go ahead and get it out of your system...."
The kilt is very liberating - lots of ventilation and men throughout the ages have opted for the non-bifurcated dress of the kilt or like garment. I can say that my children thought it was okay, at least they didn't laugh at me. As long as my boys are happy. I am happy.

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