Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fast Forward

I fast forwarded to present day to give you all a recap of what has happened to get to the now - what I call our "is-ness". Patt doesn't call it that because I think she thinks I'm a little off.

But the highlights follow:

I quit my steady, very fulfilling job at Arkansas Children's Hospital to go into full time subsistence farming and to help Patt with the bakery business. We are completely debt free, all insurances (home and auto) payed in advance and we are learning to adjust to this new life while we clean the place up and start building.

Right now the finishing touches are being put on our cottage, the old house has been disassembled by a raging fire (this time we set the fire and made sure it burned safely) and the barn is beginning to take shape. I figured pictures could tell the story better than I could in words so here goes.

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  1. Barn and cottage are looking good. I hope you and Patt are doing well. Merry Christmas to you and yours. KP