Friday, May 24, 2013

Time is Out of Joint...

Time is out of joint, Oh Cursed Spite! That I was born to put it right. - King Hamlet of Denmark

Today was like....

...Nailing a raw egg to the wall.
...Trying to dribble a football.
...Trying to put an over-stuffed pillow into a sandwich bag.
...Untangling a box of coat hangers.
... shoving a wet noodle up a wildcat's butt.
... watching a streaming video on a dial-up modem.
...pushing a square rock up hill
...being stuck in rush hour traffic when you have to pee.
...herding house flies.
.... stepping on bubblegum dropped right by the car door.
...locking your keys in the house
...getting paged as you walk in the house
...Dan Akroyd in a santa claus suit in the rain
...and then, my sister-in-law stopped by with my nieces for a tour of the farm, my wife made me dinner, the asparagus got weeded and mulched -Finally!, the sun started going down, the air conditioner is off, the Razorbacks beat LSU, my list for Saturday is long but doable, Patt's making smoked pork chops for breakfast, and all is becoming right again.

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