Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Didn't Have This Trouble (P in a Bucket)

Didn't have this trouble when we were pee-ing in a bucket. If one can get over the indignity of carrying one's own waste to a remote corner of one's property, there really is little to go wrong.

No flapper valves or flapper valve chains to get entangled, resulting in a constantly running toilet.
No rusted tank bolts requiring a hacksaw to cut loose.
No brittle plastic over flow tubes requiring the tank to be cut loose from the base of the toilet to replace.
No auto fill valves the pop and squeal and slowly fill the tank.
No floating
No wax rings that need to be replaced should one have to remove the toilet base and tank to clear a clog.
No plungers, snakes, or augers required to clear a drain of army men or last night's bratwurst binge.
No $50.00 worth of tools and $25 worth of parts.
No cursing, swearing, tension.

And if the bucket backs up. One simply dumps it on the pile at the far end of the property.

1 comment:

  1. unpleasant surprises when your supposedly full-grown battle buddies fail to flush....