Saturday, May 14, 2011

HillCrest Farmer's Market

Second Saturday to sell at the new Hillcrest Farmer's Market, a community service provided by Pulaski Heights Baptist Church and one of the most organized and best run markets we've sold at in our 10 years of farming!

Last Saturday we were thronged, overrun by large masses of shoppers who were radiant that the market was right in their "hometown". Most shoppers walked from their homes in this beautiful secluded center of Little Rock Arkansas. Opening day we sold out of all of our produce and baked goods in an hour and a half. We had beautiful weather which, I think, contributed to the large turn out as well.

This Saturday we didn't have the large masses of crowds partly due to a cold snap (and I mean cold!) but we had a steady stream all day. Most of our product was sold by 10:30 AM! We even had runners stop by, halting their organized 5K in downtown Little Rock, to buy granola, etc. One of these runners was my former boss at Arkansas Children's Hospital.

Thank you Hillcrest and Pulaski Heights Baptist Church! See you next week with organic dog biscuits and be sure to ask us about the BARF diet pet food we have available!

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  1. Great blog, Patt, and thanks for the compliments to the market. We are having a great time meeting our neighbors and all the growers who sell at market. Your granola and scones are amazing---that's all I bought, so I just imagine how great tasting EVERYTHING is! Thanks for selling with us. Here's hoping for a great day 3 and warmer weather!